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CVA Plastic

Pure Plastic Company

We build our tools ourselves for:

  • State-of-the-art serial injection molding tools supported by mold flow analyses and numerical simulation methods
  • Prototypes, pilot tools validating the choice of final serial mold technology
  • Fully automated in-house demolding solutions

We have a large and wide range of plastic injection moulding presses at your disposal, with which we produce small and large quantities in a highly automated and cost-effective manner:

  • Injection moulding machines for plastics from 80 to 250 tonnes closing force in industrial environment
  • Injection moulding machines for plastics from 80 to 250 tonnes closing force in ISO 7 and 5 clean rooms environment for Healthcare, Nuclear Medical solutions
  • Packaging solutions in every kind of environment (industrial or clean rooms)

Your Industry

Health care

CVA Plastic offers customized solutions and cutting-edge industrial processes complying with the the strictest market requirements.

Together with CVA Silicone, we offer a high-quality integrated production of plastic and silicone parts. In our ISO 7 & 5 cleanroom environment and with BPA free plastic, we manufacture products used in medicine, pharmacy and biotech/bioscience.

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Baby Care

CVA Technology has been a key player in this sector since it invented the variable flow teat in 1961, alongside other patented anti-colic products.

CVA Plastic, in cooperation with CVA Silicone, is able to offer an integrated manufacturing solution of baby care products, from feeding products to accessories that enhance mother and baby comfort, made of both plastic and silicone.

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CVA Plastic partners with key players in the cosmetics industry. Our clients have commercialized their latest decorative cosmetics using molds manufactured by us.

We offer plastic and silicone products resistant to the most demanding formulations and meeting the highest production standards, manufactured using the latest molding technologies in order to guarantee fast project delivery and optimal production.

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The products being researched today will become part of tomorrow’s everyday life. CVA Plastic takes up the challenge of innovating and expanding the borders of research.

Innovative solutions bring more design options, better components and more consistent product batches. We faces a wide range of challenges that the motivation and ingenuity of our team turn into success stories every day.

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