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Design & Engineering

We optimize product design costs thanks to our expertise in plastic raw materials and its possible combinations behavior.

Design and detailed analysis is carried out using modern 3D-CAD systems, guaranteeing the optimal design of the parts.

CVA Plastic offers:

  • 3D design of parts,
  • moldflow analysis,
  • FEM analysis,
  • tool designs
  • creation of drawings

With the help of high-precision modern 3D-CAD systems, CVA Plastic accurately designs parts, which are afterwards checked and implemented with the aid of moldflow analysis. The combination of high-performing CAD systems and plastics engineering know-how enables us to efficiently develop and design high-precision plastic parts.

The 3D data from the development phase is then further used for prototypes and tool design. Tool design is fully carried out by us in-house and all of the data gathered is used directly for tool-making. In addition, the 3D data can also be used to create realistic images.

Thanks to our highly qualified employees we can address extremely complicated problem formulations and solve them for you – with the focus on maximum customer satisfaction.

Design & Engineering

Once the product design stage is approved, we optimise the injection stage and simulate the moulding stage using Sigmasoft, our rheology tool, to virtually evaluate and approve each development stage, the cold runner, the mould temperature as well as the overall performance of the moulding system.

Integrated Plastic & Silicone Injection Molding Production

Together with CVA Silicone, we offer full-spectrum design & engineering services for an integrated plastic and silicone injection molding production.