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Products manufactured at CVA Plastic have found their place in millions of homes worldwide.

CVA Plastic has become a key player in our everyday life by providing some of the best brands with plastic products. We are your reliable partner to work with on finding innovative plastic solutions along with the necessary manufacturing technologies to bring tomorrow's application to life. Our clients are well-known brands in the following industries: life science, baby care, cosmetics and high-tech. Some of the products we manufacture are: baby feeding bottles, kitchen accessories, teething rings, respiratory masks, connectors, single-use baby nipples, and cosmetics applicator and packaging.

Baby teats, kitchen accessories, medical systems or LED lighting connectors, our products are omnipresent and help you in your everyday life.

Health care

CVA Plastics offers custom plastic production solutions and cutting-edge industrial processes complying with the most stringent market requirements.

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In Brief

Baby Care

CVA Technology has been a key player in this sector since it invented the variable flow teat in 1961, alongside other patented anti-colic products.

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CVA Plastic partners with key players in the cosmetics industry. Our clients have commercialized their latest decorative cosmetics using molds manufactured at our factory.

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Our History
Our Vision


CVA Plastic uses a wide range of plastic materials, which provides design flexibility, optimal functionality and high impact resistance in manufacturing light applications.

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CVA Plastic can manufacture a broad range of custom plugs, sockets and connectors. Our connectors can be used in high voltage applications, from 1 to 50kV made of a wide range of materials, including fire-retardant polymers. 

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Cva Technology Pure Silicone Group
Our Vision


The products being researched today will become part of tomorrow’s everyday life. CVA Plastic takes up the challenge of expanding the borders of research. We faces a wide range of challenges that we turn into success stories every day.

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