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Plastic Injection Molding

CVA Plastic uses advanced technology of plastic injection molding to ensure high performance levels for high-quality parts.
Our fully automated manufacturing process guarantees consistent production quality and perfect repeatability.

Characteristics of our production:

  • Reducing wastage thanks to direct injection
  • High multi-cavity mould productivity, thanks to short cycle times
  • No post-production deburring thanks to burr-free technology
  • Reduced labour needs thanks to automated part-handling systems

Innovating Technology

CVA Plastic utilizes the most modern injection molding technologies, which help us rapidly produce top-quality plastic parts with high precision. 

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In Brief

PIM specific properties

CVA Plastic uses a wide range of thermoplastics for injection molding.

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Plastic injection molding process

CVA Plastic specializes in the plastic injection molding process.

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Our History
Our Vision

Plastic injection molding technology

CVA Plastic’s new factory is equipped with the latest injection molding technology.

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Advantages of Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic injection molding has numerous advantages over other methods of plastic molding.

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Our Vision

Plastic Injection Overmolding

CVA Plastic is motivated by the desire to be the leader in its market, so has developed its overmolding expertise to such a point that we have become specialists in this field.

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Advantages of Plastic Injection Overmolding

CVA Plastic has an extensive expertise in custom plastic injection overmolding. 

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